Monday, May 13, 2013

History of Wicca in Canada - Timeline

This was the timeline that accompanied my articles published in 2008. I'd love to update it. If you have significant dates that you feel should be included, please leave me a comment with details.
  • 1959: It is believed that Wicca comes to Canada through a Gardner initiate (Dayonis)
  • 1960s: Roy Blunden, one of Gardner's Initiates (1960) emigrates to Canada and settles in southern BC
  • 1972: Alexandrian Coven in Vancouver, BC, goes public (Sion Davies)
  • 1972: Public coven in Victoria BC Mark Fedoruk (later Lion-Serpent Sun)
  • 1973: Public ‘flame war’ in Green Egg magazine among Toronto-area Wiccans and Pagans; as well as a public debate about homosexuals in Wicca with Toronto HP Roy Dymond as a leading opponent
  • 1979: Founding of Wiccan Church of Canada in Toronto
  • 1981: Wiccan Church of Canada receives pastoral rights from Corrections Canada
  • 1982: WiccanFest, Canada’s oldest Pagan festival, founded north of Toronto
  • 1986: Charles Arnold wins the right to take Beltaine as a paid religious holiday in the Ontario courts
  • 1987: Founding of BC Witchcamp
  • 1988: Kim M. of Winnipeg, MB, becomes the first declared Wiccan in the Canadian Military
  • 1988: Lion-Serpent Sun libel suit versus David Maines and 100 Huntley Street 1988 
  • 1988: Publication of Kate Sandilands study of Wicca and Neopaganism in Canada
  • 1989: Kaleidoscope Gathering, Canada’s largest Pagan festival, founded in Eastern Ontario
  • 1989: Publication of the Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca by Canadian police officer Kerr Cuhulain
  • 1992: Calgary court overturns decision to deny visiting rights to Wiccan George Gay because of his involvement in witchcraft.
  • Date?: Temple of the Lady in BC is the first Pagan organization to get “Marrying rights”
  • 1994: Human Right grievance, religious discrimination, against the BC NDP filed by Sam Wagar (settled out of court). 
  • 1997: First National Pagan Census administered by sociologist Sian Reid
  • Date?: Canadian Military Chaplaincy Handbook includes Wicca
  • 2000: First festival in Alberta (maybe prairies), Panfest, founded
  • 2000: Canada’s first Pagan Resource Centre, the Montreal Pagan Resource Centre, founded
  • 2005: Gaia Gathering, Canada’s National Pagan Conference holds its first annual gathering in Edmonton, AB
  • 2007: Wiccan ritual performed on the Canadian military base in Khandahar Afghanistan

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