Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recommendations for The Well-Read Pagan

At the Pagan Canon panel at Gaia Gathering, I promised to put the list of my own recommendations for the well-read Pagan onto my blog. Well, here it is. Obviously, it's not comprehensive. Also, from a book perspective I didn't include any of the "usual suspects" that often come up. For more of my musings on books, check out the posts categorized/tagged under "books" on this blog.

Amanda's Picks for Gaia Gathering Book Panel
There were a few ways I could approach the question, “What books should be occupying the bookshelves and minds of well-read, thoughtful Pagans of the 21st century?” In putting together my “picks” for this panel, I considered writings that would be of interest to most thoughtful Pagans regardless of their path or tradition; and I paid particular attention to where I perceive knowledge-gaps. I also took into account that this was a panel, so that other panelists were likely to mention some of the “usual suspects”. Finally, I find that some of the most exciting and thought-provoking writing on or about contemporary Paganism is currently happening in blogs, not in books. This is where all those “201” and “301” discussions are taking place. I’ve listed only ones with a broad appeal, but dig around: thoughtful, well-written, tradition-specific ones abound as well.

Gosh picking just 3 was hard. 

Top 10 Blogs 
Selection was based on their thought-provoking nature, quality of information, frequency of posting, and pertinence to a wide-spectrum of Pagan paths. I also sorta cheated by lumping the Patheos blogs and other blogs together.

Canadian Blogs 
Since only one Canadian blog made my top 10, I thought I’d list the Canadian blogs that I know about which seem to have some substance to them. 

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