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In Collaboration
These are open activities that I'm involved with or help coordinate.

New Moon Song, Chant and Drum Circle
These offer a collaborative and an open space to learn and expand our drumming skills and song/chant repertoires. All skill levels are welcome (and encouraged!) Bring any songs or chants that you want to share and drums and other instruments if you have them.The circles are organised by members of the Reclaiming community. Please contact me for the exact location of each month's circle.

Study Group
This is a directed peer-learning circle that meets every two weeks. It works on a session or 'semester' model whereby we work intensely with a single topic or book over a period of time. Once we start the topic the group is closed. It opens to new members again when we start a new topic or 'session'.

Gaia Gathering
I'm currently on the board of directors for Gaia Gathering, Canada's National Pagan Conference, and was the local host committee chairperson when Montreal hosted it in 2011. Find out more about the conference here.

Past Workshops and Groups
These are workshops and open groups that I've offered or hosted in the past but are no longer active.

Practical Skills for Solitaries
A series of workshops designed to give practical hands-on experience with some of the more applied aspects of solitary neo-Pagan spiritual practice. Open to seekers already familiar with some of 'the basics'. We will be doing exercises that will help give us the practical tools to experience and deepen our own connection with Spirit and the Divine. (more)

Elements Learning Circle
In 2006, I co-faciliated a co-creative a Reclaiming-style learning circle in Montreal with Amy and Rosemary, which focused on the elements and drew from a variety of sources, mainly Starhawk's book The Twelve Wild Swans. (more)

Pagan Book Club
Between 2001 and 2003 I led a book discussion group at the Montreal Pagan Resource Centre. It met every other month to examine and discuss books of interest to pagans, such as common pagan titles; pagan and occult classics; mainstream publications; scholarly works of mythology, religion and anthropology (to name but a few); and even fiction. (more)