Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yule Fair This Weekend

The annual Montreal Yule Fair hosted by Le Mélange Magique and the MPRC fair kicks off this weekend. Doors open at 10am, and the event wraps up with a Yule ritual on Sunday at 6pm. There is a great line up of vendors and speakers, including yours-truly who is filling in a last-minute workshop void at 11am on Sunday morning. The full schedule, including a downloadable pdf programme of vendors and speakers, is here.

What am I speaking on? By popular demand, I'll be chatting about a few of the pentacle practices that form part of the foundational philosophies and practice of the some Pagan traditions, and offering resources for those who want to learn more. For me, the pentacles constantly offer new insight and challenges; and my relationship with them informs a huge part of my whole being. The element pentacle from a Wiccan perspective was part of my early training. Then about 8 or 9 years ago, I started working with Iron and its permutations, and the rest flowed from there. Here is the workshop description:

Exploring the Pentacles

The pentacle is a powerful symbol in many witchcraft traditions. In some, the pentacle is a way to understand the universe, ourselves, and our communities; and ultimately a gateway to alignment and Mystery. This workshop is an introduction to the element, iron, pearl and related pentacles that come to us from traditions associated with Anderson Feri, most notably Reclaiming.

Please keep in mind that this is an introductory discussion/backgrounder about pentacles, including resources for where to find more information if this topic grabs you. It is not a workshop.

In other news, just a quick reminder that tonight is the monthly MPRC discussion. The topic this month is "The Power of Dreams." The conversation starts at 18:45.

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