Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baking Soda in the Home

I use baking soda when I clean. Not only does it cause less damage to the earth than harsher cleaning products, it is also cleanses the energy of my home. Commercial cleaning products seem to have either little effect energetically, or they remove all the energy, just like they remove all the dirt!

I noticed the energetic effects of housecleaning with baking soda when I switched over for environmental reasons. At first I was simply amazed at how well baking soda cleaned the grime off my bathtub, removed dirt from my tile flours, and shined up my counters and all thing stainless steel. It took a little while longer to notice that my home felt different energetically. The rooms cleaned with baking soda felt lighter, calmer.

It's not surprising really. Chemically, baking soda contains sodium. Energetically, both are cleansers that remove and hold adverse energy or influences. The recommendation to bathe in salt water is common across many religious traditions for 'cleansing' or atonement. Many folk recipes also recommend bathing in water to which salt or baking soda (sometimes both) has been added to remove negative influences, or to release emotional or psychic tension. I suspect that cleaning my home with baking soda is affecting my home in the same way. It certainly feels that way to me.

Now I clean all my rooms to some extent with baking soda. Since baking soda is abrasive I adapt how it is used for what I'm cleaning. For example, I'll happily scrub down my tub with it; however on my wood floors, not so much. Instead I lightly dust the floors with baking soda before passing the mop.

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