Friday, June 13, 2008

Life is a Vibrating Vortex of Lust

I simply love this imagery from an article in Hopedance Magazine. I find it so true:

"Well I got it standing on my farm in B.C. a few weeks ago. I was out there with the deafening sound of thousands of frogs fucking in my ponds, earthworms doing it beneath my feet, mason and bumble and honey bees fighting to stuff themselves into every flower in sight and I suddenly realized that I’m not farming, I’m presiding over one big giant orgy.

"I realized that every form of life on my farm is absolutely immersed in this incredible humming, buzzing, and vibrating vortex of lust. […]

"It’s not just like the bumper sticker that says, "organic farmers are more fertile." It’s more than that. You can’t possibly live and work in the midst of all this uncontrollable lust each and every day and night of your farm life and not become a part of it, not begin to embody it, attract it."

Mmmmm. Yes. More here:

Actually, I think his last point extends to more than the farm and nature's lust. We really can't live or spend a lot of time in any environment without beginning to embody it or have it change us in some way. The more intimate our connection with the environment, good or bad, the more potential it has to penetrate our being.

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