Saturday, March 03, 2012

My Spring Workshops in Montreal

I was hoping to announce my full Spring line-up, but I haven't had confirmation yet on all the workshops. But here is what has been confirmed so far.

Pagan Chant Workshop
Sunday, March 4, 14:00 – 16:00
The Montreal Pagan Resource Centre, $10
1928 Ste-Catherine West, H3H 1M4

Chant plays an important part in many Pagan rituals for creating a group mind and raising energy. It's also fun! In the first hour Amanda will introduce us some of the classics, as well as newer Pagan chants that she has learned in her travels to Pagan communities across North America. In the second hour, participants will be invited to share chants with the rest of the group. Don't worry, if no one brings chants for the second hour, Amanda has plenty of her own to fill the time! Song sheets will be provided for the first hour. Cost is $10. All proceeds will go to the MPRC.

Exploring the Pentacles
Thu, March 29, 18:30 – 20:30
Le Mélange Magique, $30
1928 Ste-Catherine West, H3H 1M4

The pentacle is a powerful symbol in many witchcraft traditions. In some, the pentacle is a way to understand the universe, ourselves, and our communities; and ultimately a gateway to alignment and Mystery. This workshop is an introduction to the element, iron and pearl pentacles that come to us from traditions associated with Anderson Feri, and most accessibly through its offshoot Reclaiming tradition. It is an introductory talk about these pentacles, including resources for where to find more information. We will not be working directly with these pentacles in the class.

Crafting Ritual: An Introduction
Tuesday April 10th, 7pm-10pm
Charme et Sortilege
4933 de Grand Pré, H2T 2H9

Ritual is a space in time carved out for spiritual or transformative work. It usually involves set forms to create and contain the energy of that moment; and is an integral component of many contemporary Pagan practices. This introductory workshop provides an overview of common ritual formats and some basic considerations when crafting a ritual for yourself or small groups.

Elements of Magic
April 14th-15th 9am-6pm
Verdun, Qc

With the art of magic, we deepen our vision and focus our will, empowering ourselves to act in the world. In this class we explore the practice of magic and witchcraft by working with the elements--Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. We learn the ritual technologies used in the Reclaiming tradition to create sacred space and time, and to create magic; and we explore our connections with the Divine and Mysterious Ones, in whatever form we understand them. Some techniques that are typically touched on include breath, dancing, drumming, chanting, trance, visualization, working with will, sensing and projecting energy, raising a cone, basic spellcraft, and ritual.

Elements of Magic is one of the Reclaiming tradition's core classes. It acts as an introduction to Reclaiming practices and philosophy and is pre-requisite for all other Reclaiming core classes. We welcome both beginning students, and advanced students who want to deepen their experience of the sacred elements.

Developing Daily Practice
Sunday May 6th, 1pm-4pm
Charme et Sortilege
4933 de Grand Pré, H2T 2H9

Daily spiritual practice is a commitment to self-care, as well as personal and spiritual growth. Depending on your tradition and beliefs, it may also be a commitment to your gods, coven- or Craft-mates. For a daily practice to work for you, it has to be something that satisfies your spiritual goals and that you enjoy. It also must fit into your daily life. In this workshop, we will discuss some of the reasons for undertaking a daily practice, as well as its most common forms and commonly-encountered obstacles. We will then develop individual plans for starting, and maintaining, a daily spiritual practice.

An Introduction to the Elements
Date and time TBD
Le Mélange Magique
1928 St. Catherine West, H3H 1M4

Many contemporary Pagan and esoteric traditions use the five foundational elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether/spirit. What are they, where do they come from, what do they represent, how can we tune-in to their energies for our magical or spiritual work, and why would we want to? This 2-hour introduction scratches the surface of these questions and offers some practical exercises to explore the five elements.

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