Monday, May 16, 2011

My Panels at Gaia Gathering

The Gaia Gathering programming team is in the process of ironing out the scheduling to make sure none of us who are scheduled to sit on panel discussions or offer workshops need to perfect the art of bilocation. In the meantime, these are the panels that I'll be participating in as a panelist:

Priest/essing our Craft
This panel seeks to define the qualities a person needs to be able to take on a leadership role in the Pagan community. What does it mean to be a Priest/ess in our covens, groups and communities? What are the risks and challenges, and what skills do we need to cultivate? Do we have a need for a Pagan chaplaincy to make clergical services available in our communities, and how can we support our leaders in that endeavor?

Community Leader and Clergy Burnout
Many of our communities hinge upon the efforts of the few to provide services, organize events, and plan rituals that the community members can take part in. Sometimes these people receive the support they need, but much more often, they are left to do the work on their own, which is the well-worn path to burn-out. How can we better support our community leaders and clergy to prevent burn-out? More importantly, how can we help them recover from the burn-out they‘ve already experienced?

Documenting our Histories
Our communities are constantly evolving in terms of culture, population, and the response to crisis. How do we chronicle these events that make-up our modern history? We have discovered such wisdom in ancients texts, but what can we learn from the legacy of our modern-day elders? How do we preserve our recent history so that future generations can benefit?

Song and Chant Share
This is an opportunity to share songs and chants and other music from our communities across Canada.

As soon as I have the complete list of topics and times, I'll post them here. From what I've seen it looks like an exciting programme!

For more Gaia Gathering, visit the website or blog, or check-out the facebook page or event page.

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