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MPRC February Discussion

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The MPRC returns to it's monthly discussions. Upcoming:

Topic: Humanity’s Quest for Enlightenment/Ascension
Date: Thursday February 4th, 2010
Location: At the MPRC in the Melange Magic Store 1928 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal
Time: 6h45-8h45pm
Cost: Free! Donations always welcomed

Many People today and throughout history have been on a quest for spiritual or religious enlightenment/ascension. The meaning behind this process has so many variations for different people.

Do you relate to ascension as being the shift of consciousness to another level; finding the true relationship with oneself; or the reuniting with the “source of all”?
Are their stages of evolution that we must go through prior to reaching higher levels of consciousness? Does enlightenment come with the ascension into higher “realms”? Is ascension a process of “grades” to go through or simply a moment in which we claim “I’m ready, the time is now.”?

What are your opinions on Christopher’s Penczak’s theories of Ascension (from his book Ascension Magick) such as:

- Literal Ascension: The literal shift of our bodies and souls from this physical plane of existence (3D) to another plane of reality?

- Posthumous Ascension: Occurs when one completes all necessary “levels” of this world and no longer required to return to the cycle of reincarnation?

- Enlightenment: A continuous state of consciousness and in communion with the divine. (ego ascension)

- Next Age Ascension: What does it mean to enter a New Age? Leaving the zodiac Age of Pisces into Aquarius… how do you relate?

- Returning to Source: After having gone through the cycles of life, we return to the source of life. The universe folding “back” into the divine.

- Personal Initiation: The levels of ascension of one’s personal consciousness through experiences on the spiritual path. This includes all life experiences, from pleasures to painful illnesses. Etc.

- The Unknown and Unknowable: It’s a perception thing. Ascension an enlightenment cannot be truly known through our current perceptions or at it’s opposite will be known “depending” on our perceptions…

- Symbolic Ascension: Ascension is not about going anywhere, but about a deeper expression of the spiritual life on a daily basis. Influencing the world around us simply by living a better life. A combination of the personal initiation and the unknowable. Inner and Outer realities being reflections of each other. What separate the two are our perceptions.

Come share with us your opinions, comments and arguments!

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