Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daily Practice

The Winter Feast for the Soul starts tomorrow. Are you ready?

If you're still looking for ideas, here are a few simple ones that have worked well for me in the past, or for people I know:

Read a poem daily with intention, preferably aloud. I rotate a few books on the coffee table and open one at random. Bonus: Serves as divination too!

Simple 5 minute sitting practice. This is part of my own daily practice and I'd be lost without it. Basically, set a timer and be your own company for 5 minutes. Be open to any messages from the Divine, your higher self, guides, etc

Say a morning and/or evening prayer. This is also part of my own practice. Write one yourself or use one from a book or website. Try to make it the same prayer(s) for the 40 days, or to change it no more often than weekly. Alternatively you can take a few moments in the morning and/or evening to say hello to your god(s), guides, etc, in the same way you'd greet or say good night to a parent, child or lover. Don't forget to listen for their reply!

Drink a glass of water or eating a piece of fruit each day with intention and attention. If you want, you can charge the water or fruit with an intention beforehand.

Commit to 5 minutes of stretching or physical activity each day. Pay attention to the energy in you body and set the intention that the activity will help release any energetic blocks and strengthen your energetic pathways. Again, don't forget to listen during this practice.

Do you have a suggestion for a simple daily practice? Let me know about it!

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