Monday, May 04, 2009

A couple of interesting tidbits on my news wires and various feeds this morning:

New Scientist asks how to map the multiverse.... " BRIAN GREENE spent a good part of the last decade extolling the virtues of string theory. He dreamed that one day it would provide physicists with a theory of everything that would describe our universe - ours and ours alone. His bestselling book The Elegant Universe eloquently captured the quest for this ultimate theory. Greene's transformation is emblematic of a profound change among the majority of physicists. Until recently, many were reluctant to accept this idea of the "multiverse", or were even belligerent towards it. However, recent progress in both cosmology and string theory is bringing about a major shift in thinking. Gone is the grudging acceptance or outright loathing of the multiverse. Instead, physicists are starting to look at ways of working with it, and maybe even trying to prove its existence..." (read article)

The Mindful Table tweets about an article on the reintroduction of Chilean Sea Bass from an MSC-certified sustainable fishery. The article delves into the double edged sword around having a certified-sustainable source for what is in effect a endangered species. Read the full article from the San Francisco gate here.

(PS. The Elegant Universe is an excellent read; and the associated website is a great resource. I can't remember if the book or the PBS NOVA series came first. )

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