Friday, April 24, 2009

WynterGreene and Beltaine Fair

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The Summer 2009 issue, Science and Spirituality, is done, printed and copies have been distributed to Le Mélange Magique for sale at their Beltaine Fair this weekend.

Unfortunately we'll not be at the fair due to other Beltaine commitments this weekend, but the line-up looks great!

I want to thank our printer, Mardigrafe, for their help resolved some graphics problems on this issue and for really bending over to make sure this issue got delivered in time for the fair. In case you don't know Mardigrafe, they are an ecological priner and design company in Pointe-St-Charles. If you need 'green' printing, they're the guys!

The Science and Spirituality issue is 24 pages and includes two new regular features: The Witch Whiz Quiz and a letters page. Articles this issue include a look at quantum magic, osteopathy, the neurology behind meditation, metal magic, and more. We also have some books related to science and spirituality reviewed. The full table of contents will be posted shortly.

Subscribers and distributors should expect to receive their issues next week, depending on Canada Post

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