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Gaia Gatheing Update: Five Weeks to Go!

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Wow. Only five weeks left to Gaia Gathering; and three weeks to the pre-paid registration deadline. Are you registered?

Preliminary schedule
The preliminary schedule is up and accessible through our blog ( The schedule includes panel discussions and roundtables, a history panel (BC is rich in Canadian Pagan history), academic stream, social events, two guest speakers (Kerr Cuhulain and Andrew Burton), a world premiere of a new documentary about Wicca in Canada, and more!

For the workshops and roundtables, we've tried to group similar topics together into 'streams' and the schedule so all topics in the same stream are in different time slots. Here are the streams we've got: Taking Care of Each Other, Diversity, and Organizing and Leadership. There's a lot of content packed in there right now and there's not much breathing room. We're considering thinning out some of the options. Discussion is happening on our Yahoogroup and FaceBook . You can also leave a comment on our preliminary programme blog post. This is *your* conference and your voice counts!

Academic/Scholar Stream
We are still accepting abstracts for the academic/scholarly stream. This is a peer-reviewed academic stream that is open to both independent scholars and those affiliated with an educational or research institutions. We have received abstracts from across Canada, across the continent and across the pond (Europe/UK). For more details about the stream and how to submit an abstract, visit our website or blog.

Spread the Word
Help us continue to spread the word. Publicity posters and postcards are available for download from our blog. Help us reach folks who are not on-line. Print them up and pin them up at your local esoteric or Pagan stores, or had them out at local events.

Programme Advertising and Sponsorship
Once again this year, we will be producing a conference programme highlighting the activities of the weekend, presenters, bids for the 2011 conference, local information, and more. Every participant will receive a conference programme as part of the registration package when they check-in at the registration desk.

To offset the cost of producing the programme, as well as the cost of the conference itself, we accept paid advertising in this programme. If you run a business, advertising in the programme is a great way to get visibility for as little as $35. It's also a tax deductible as a business expense. If you don't run your own business but work for a Pagan-friendly company, consider asking them if they'd like to advertise in the programme; or consider running a fun 'ad' of support.

For more information, or to download the advertising contract… you got it… visit our blog!

Subscribe to Updates
For the latest news and updates, subscribe to one of our blog feeds. Visit our blog and select the one you want.

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!

Amanda, ByThor, Charlene, Lucie, and Sam
For Gaia Gathering, CNPC 2009

ps. To register, visit our website or blog and download the registration form. You can snail mail it to us, or return it via email. Payment by cheque, paypal or credit card accepted.

About the Canadian National Pagan Conference, Gaia Gathering:
The CNPC is a grassroots national pagan organization founded in 2004. Each year the conference is hosted over the Victoria Day long weekend in a different Canadian city through a bidding process similar to the Olympics. Past host cities include Edmonton, Halifax, Winnipeg and Ottawa. (2010 will be in Guelph).

The conference is organized collaboratively by Canadian Pagans and includes three-days of discussion and workshops about our Paganisms – our Asatru, our Druidry, our Wicca and so on— and brings together Canadian Elders, community leaders, and interested Pagans or Pagan-curious for networking, discussion, and community. Traditionally, the panels and discussions have focussed on the issues we experience as Canadian Pagans living in the 21st century, with special emphasis on the experience of being Pagan in the host city.

Legally, we are incorporated federally as a non-profit organization and operate with a national Board of Directors as well as a local host committee. For more information, visit: or email info at

About CNPC Gaia Gathering Vancouver 2009
This year's conference will be held from May 15h to 19th, 2009 at the University of British Columbia. The theme is "Left Coast Paganisms: where land meets sea and history meets modernity." The featured speaker is Kerr Cuhulain, internationally-acclaimed Wiccan author, policeman and long-time Pagan organizer from British Columbia. The conference will also include panel discussions, round tables, academic/scholars stream, music, a banquet dinner, and more.
Registration is $100 for the full conference. Early bird discounts are available. For more information and to download the registration brochure visit: or

Affordable accommodations, starting at $38/night for a single, are available through the UBC conference and accommodation services. We have a block of rooms reserved. Book online:

Airfare and rail discounts are currently being negotiated. (Travel scholarships are also available.)
Vending is $35 for registered participants.

Have your say or ask questions on our yahoogroups site:
Or join our facebook group:

For more information, visit: or email info at

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