Friday, August 10, 2007

Back from Fest

We've been back from KG a few days now. I'm still nursing and trying desperately not to scratch many, many killer mosquito bites, and today we finally managed to finish cleaning the camping dishes and airing out the tent. (We packed up in the rain so everything was still wet and pretty grubby when we left!) .

At fest, I reveled in dancing around the fire, hanging out at the swimming hole, and catching up, if all too briefly, with many friends and acquaintances. I also co-taught a workshop on the Sunday, which went very well. Because of vacation scheduling conflicts, it's been a few years since I last went to KG. Until I arrived and settled in, I really hadn't realised how much I missed it, and how much my soul relishes the freedom from societal and urban chains that KG brings.

But I also felt something different or missing at KG this year compared to past years' experiences. I can't quite lay my finger on it, but right now I'm chalking it up to being camped on the outskirts in a shady spot instead of on a sunny site along one of the main pathways. But it might also have been the size of the fest that felt different from previous years. Twice as many folks attended the fest compared to the last time I went, and dancing around the firepit at night I could really feel the difference. I also didn't recognise many of the faces wandering the site, and I tend to feel uncomfortable and retreat around crowds of folk I don't know.

I didn't get around to trying out my new drumming circle skills at the firepit this year; nor did I get around to spinning some fire down at the beach. But there is always next year. Right?

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