Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ecology of Magic
I'm so excited! Josie and I are going to do a series of nature/ecology workshops with a spiritual focus. Its something I've been ruminating (and gathering notes) on for a few years now. I'm so excited to see the seed start to sprout. And I love working with Josie.

The workshops will run one Sunday a month for six Sundays (five months). There will be a series of activities that build on each other for participants to do between workshops. There will also be at least one interim face-to-face mini-workshop or discussion between workshops, as well as an on-line discussion forum for participants. A lot of the work will focus around observing the natural environment and its cycles as well as interacting with and embodying them, so we feel that it is important to build a solid environment where participants can share their observations and discoveries with each other. (It's also a way for me to test-run this distance education software that I've been experimenting with.)

So far the themes for the six meetings are: Spirits/History of the Land, Water and Watersheds, Weather Magic, Fire and Energy, Plant Harvesting and Seed Saving, and Web of Life. Some of the planned activities we are considering include working with nature spirits and natural energies, dowsing, exploring ecosystems, plant identification, observing weather patterns, making fire by hand, forging in fire, and harvesting and storing seeds. We hope to have guest educators to facilitate some of these activities, but most I think we'll do ourselves.

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