Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Musing on Samhain and New Moons

The late fall for me is a time to prune back what is not needed. It is a time of reflection when I try to shed what is holding me back so that I can free up that energy to flow elsewhere. It is also a time to assess where I am and where I want to be.

At Samhain (which for me always feels more right around November 5th instead of October 31st), I mourn the passing of the dead, including those projects (or parts of me, or relationships, dreams, etc) that I have chosen to let die. I acknowledge the people that I am far away from and those that I seldom see; and I acknowledge plans, dreams and projects that I am choosing to put on hold.

New moons for me are generally introspective. They are often like mini-samhains in some ways. I seem to forget about new moons these days. I can see a full moon and acknowledge it; but you don't really see a new moon. Unfortunately spending time with the new moon is probably what I need to do more of these days, since I rarely have that inner reflective time. (And when I do get it these days--usually in the solitude of a bus, train or plane--I just want to zone out!)

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